Declaim the city

About this empire. This constructed order of life. Aligned and positioned.

These towers are well above and beyond any clear thinking. We destroy to build – out of sheer vanity. We destroy and deliberately entomb the furiously alive nature in the dead matter of ours. We sense the feeling of crime, we share the guilt. Yet we keep on building. Yet we keep on building.

We rage this war upon our own natural state – the uncaged world. We are self proclaimed first citizens of the world that spawned us, so sure of ourselves and so above all else. Simple nature is thought of as savage and infantile. Land, animals, plants and trees are lesser. And all is for us to claim, to own and spend.

We didn’t  stop to think of the trees as first citizens of this lush world. For they could not chop us down first?

Yes, we were hunted once. But it has been unforgivably long since we have had the means to not kill to survive/live. One might suggest we are overly confident in our sovereignty. Dominance seem to be our addiction. A drive to conquer and dominate that has grown to become the darkest force upon nature (note; not “of nature”). And like any addiction we let it dictate us to the point were we let it hurt even our own. Through out history of civilization, hierarchy has been the tool for the few over the masses. This core of civilization, the hierarchy of power over others, originate from our own inaccurate distinction, or alienation, from nature.

Regardless of how aware or not people have been of this disconnection to natural life, the unresting discomfort has always been undeniably present. Frustration has turned to torment and led to rebellion. Its always directed upwards. Against dominators – i. e. towards the core of civilization. And most often this takes form in reclaiming what has been denied the masses by the dominators.
One such rebellion, appropriate to bring up would be the reclaiming of public space – to the people, from the corporate dominators – you know it as the Reclaim The Streets movement. A sincere agenda and honest in its non-organization free form, however a confused and misdirected effort.

For there is nothing to reclaim of the streets – this is a call for declaiming what we’ve occupied and stolen. To give back in repent. A gesture to prove that we are capable of so much self criticism and humility to even acknowledge the hubris we act by.
The citadel of modern man, the symbol of civilization, is the city. It is the construct, the manifestation of our claiming and domination over all nature existence. They are shameless acts of greed, repeted again and again all over the planet. They make therefore an natural object for our gesture of repent;

to give up one is the least we can do.

Lets declaim the city and humbly give it back to nature. We should make it our best effort to return and repair the land we soiled. As well as we could obliterate the space for us to build on, we can and will clear it once again and give it back.
As methodically we were raising our city, we should be dismantling it! Our inclination to destructive ways of solving everything will not do. This time there shall be no violence – this must be an act of peaceful but determined deconstruction. Picture a building site in reverse – with the tools we built it; we shall unscrew every bolt, pull out every nail, dismount every bracket, mill every compound to dust and return every piece of nature to where it belongs. Wood and paper into the forest to mould, rock and gravel to fill out tunnels as best could, concrete and glass made into sand put back to the pit, metals left to rust back into the rock in the mines. Other materials, such as plastic, must be gathered and ways must be found to reinstate them into nature.

At some point, perhaps enough of us can see this for what it is – the last dignified act we can deliver towards our own world. We’ll choose the city, the ground to display our retreat.
And even if the one city can only hope to be a symbolic act. It will mean we have put ourselves in a different perspective in respect to nature. A step down, and a recognition and aspiration to being participants of nature rather than tamers of it.

This is not rebellion, this is not aggression, and it is not politics. This is thoughtful existence, this is making amends. Coming to peace.


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